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I am a born and raised native of New Orleans. Grew up in the 6th and 7th wards. One of my favorite things to do is to share my creole roots with you.  Many people come to New Orleans and when they arrive they can sense that its not the same as anywhere else in America. Let me show you why. Our food is different, our rituals are different our music is different. Maybe you have wondered why?  Its no accident you came here and that you will now begin a discovery of what it means to be a Creole in New Orleans.

Voodoo, dance, music and ritual

These are just some of the words that lead people to the city of New Orleans.  Millions of visitors flock here every year looking for an experience they can’t have anywhere else.  Take a tour and discover for yourself .

Mother Marie

Mother Marie

Marie Laveau is the most famous of the Voodoo Priestess’ to live in New Orleans. Voodoo is still widely practiced in New Orleans and has been for nearly 300 years



Voodoo Priest

Voodoo involves many ancient rituals but here in New Orleans voodoo in tightly intertwined with being Catholic. Learn why


African American Society Tomb

Frequently sited as the northern most city in the Carribean New Orleans brings many cultures alive

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