African symbols
A beautiful cemetery fence with Adinkra symbols

Tour with a local guide.

St. Louis #1 Cemetery Tours with a local guide. This one hour tour will give you a good understanding of why we bury up instead of down, how we buried before and the cultural history of burial traditions and superstitions. We will discuss Voodoo history and how it arrives in New Orleans and why it continues today.  Call for reservations 504-452-9237.

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Afro-Creole Culture Tour

This unique walking tour lead by Denise Augustine will engage you totally. The two hours and 30 minutes you spend with her while listening to stories of the Afro-Creoles and their imprint on New Orleans will leave you wanting to know more about this unique people with their food, music and love of culture. Ms. Augustine masked as a baby doll and can tell you first hand of the rich history of second line parades in the Treme neighborhood. Hear the stories of the free people of color and their lasting legacy in New Orleans.  Born and raised right in this neighborhood, you can have no better guide through the lives of famous Afro-Creoles in New Orleans. 2.5 hour tour begins in Armstrong Park at Congo Square  $35.00 pp, reservations required.

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VIP Private tours

Escape the large impersonal group tours and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of a private group tour. Denise specializes in the sacred stories of the Afro-Creoles from the Treme neighborhood where she was born and raised.  This tour can be catered to your schedule and group size.  You can go for one hour or much longer depending your schedule. Call for details at 504-452-9237.

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Our Mission Statement

Our guides provide you with the most interesting and historically accurate history of the oldest Catholic cemeteries in New Orleans.  Be introduced through expert story telling to some of the famous and infamous prior residents of the city that time forgot. Step back into colonial times to hear about how disease and over crowding took the lives of so many buried here in the walls of St. Louis Cemetery #1. Walk through the rows of tombs and hear about the  the civil war, and the birth of the civil rights movement in America. Our professional guides will keep you engaged and leave you enchanted with New Orleans.
Educating Through Storytelling